Hi, I’m Pat

I live in Virginia, USA with my husband, Jeff. We are both retired.

In addition to reading, I enjoy working out at our local gym/walking, journaling and floral design classes.

This website is a hobby for me. I don’t read or write about as many books as some of my other blogging friends. My goal is to cover at least one book per month. I enjoy a variety of genres.

I am an amazon affiliate. If you should make purchases through amazon links via this website I may receive a small commission. Thank you in advance should you decide to make a purchase.

I am accepting books for review. Please see my menu options for further information.

My husband and I like simple easy to follow recipes that do not include a lot of work or ingredients. I will share some of those here.

While this website will mostly be about the books I read, I plan to write about some of my other interests occasionally.

Fun Facts About Me

I’d rather be

in the mountains

Listening to

contemporary music

Favorite Color


Favorite place


my weekends

flowers, books

best snuggle buddies

Boston terriers

Where this all began

In April 2013, when I started blogging on “Posting For Now“, I gravitated toward the very supportive book blogging community. In 2019, I took an extended break.

In April 2023, with That Book Stop, I resumed writing about books as well as other topics of interest. (I’ve tried out a few different website names at first and settled on www.thatbookstop.com.)

I’ve pulled in some of my older posts from my previous website along with comments to help me get started here.

I hope to reach out to some of my previous blogging friends and followers as well as make new friends. Please feel free to comment on posts. I’d love to hear from you!

Please consider following me on Instagram, Pinterest and Goodreads. (Links are located in the footer.)

As always,

Thanks for stopping by.

— Pat