Coffee Table Book: Vincent by himself Edited by Bruce Bernard

Vincent by himself Edited by Bruce Bernard
Vincent by himself Edited by Bruce Bernard

October 12, 2016

 Edited by Bruce Bernard (purchased)

Chartwell Books, Reprinted 2014

First published in great Britain in 1985 by MacDonald & Co

I hesitated writing a post for this book as it is not the type of book I typically read or write about.  However, I highly recommend it as a companion to a novel I just completed, the historical fiction, Lust for Life by Irving Stone, which tells the story of Van Gogh’s life.

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While reading/listening to Lust for Life, I decided I wanted to find a coffee table book to see some of Van Gogh’s works described in the novel.  Barns and Nobel occasionally offers such books at a considerable discount.  When I went to the store, it happened to be the only such book on sale!  I thought I was very fortunate to be able to pick up the last two copies, one for myself and the other for a gift.  (I have a similar book about Monet.)

Vincent by Himself nicely corresponds with Lust For Life.  I enjoyed looking at the images and now know so much more about them than I ever would have had I not listened to Lust For Life (my local monthly book club selection).  This picture book also includes excerpts of the many letters written by Van Gogh that I hope to delve into more sometime in the future.

Van Gogh wrote his brother, who was his benefactor, many letters (over 600) throughout his short life.  The author of Lust for Life, Irving Stone, used these letters to build much of Van Gogh’s story.

Vincent by himself via Amazon
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What have you been reading or listening to lately?  Do you enjoy coffee table books?  I don’t normally actually keep these books on my coffee table, but rather keep them in my bookcase and enjoy pulling them out occasionally.

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  1. Pat, this sounds like a great book for fans of Vincent Van GOgh! I love his art.

    I have several coffee table books, which are on a table in the living room. They are larger books with photographs and/or illustrations (for example: The Cottage Home). I keep some of these books out, the idea being that they may be freely looked at and read by myself and others.

  2. What a gorgeous book! I recently saw several of his paintings at The Met in NYC and almost purchased one of the coffee table books in their gift shop, but opted for note card instead. May have made the wrong choice 😉

  3. I don’t really have coffee table books per se, but I can see how this one would be perfect. I love his art and especially the colours. Now that you have read Lust for Life the paintings would be so meaningful, so great buy.

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